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Bud Jeneau submitted the following photo which he found in the GM archives. The photo is that of the 1940 version of the Futurliner (note the clear canopy over the driver) before their makeover in 1952. The 1940 version was only used from January, 1941 until the war started in December of 1941. After World War II they were used in a Detroit parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of the automobile.

Note: Bud Juneau is a member of the Society of Automotive Historians, writes articles and does automotive photography for most of the American vintage car magazines. He has met with Bob Valdez and did an extensive photo shoot for an article on his Futurliner and met with Brad Boyajian, another Futurliner owner.

This is an excellent picture of the 1940 version of the Futurliner. Note that the light bar is extended and turned on and note the huge generator exhibit in the display area. It looks like the generator is powered by twin engines, one on either side. From what we've picked up, the display was actually a "working display" and generated electricity for the show. It's hard to see, but from this and other pictures there appears to be heavy glass in front of the display, presumably to deaden sound while the lecturer spoke.

wpe27.jpg (22950 bytes)

This is also a rare picture of the 1940 Futurliner version. The photo was taken in the summer of 1941 by Bob Kinsman. He wrote:
    "I read with considerable interest the article in the March 9 issue of the Chicago Tribune describing your work in restoring a GM Futurliner. I also perused your web site for further information. I am enclosing a picture to add to your collection which I took in the summer of 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. We visited the exhibits in the evening and I remember being totally enraptured by the many demonstrations and machines on display. Two things which still stick in my mind are an Allison V-12 engine which I believe was used in the P-51 fighter and also in PT boats and a demonstration of the effects of anti-knock agents in gasoline. They had a small gasoline engine which they ran with various grades of fuels in it. Anyhow, I was so impressed that I convinced my parents to take me back the next morning and I snapped this picture of one of the Futurliners all packed up and ready to roll."

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