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Appreciation Letters

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Letter of appreciation from the Dayton General Managers. Dated May 22, 1953, the letter reads:

To All Parade of Progress Personnel:

All you you will be extremely glad to learn that the General Managers of the five Dayton General Motors Divisions have expressed to me their gratification for the fine job you have done in the Dayton showing.

As an expression of their thanks they have invited the entire Parade Organization to attend an

Appreciation Dinner
at the Moraine Country Club
on Monday, May 25, 1953,
at 7:00 P.M.

The Moraine Country Club is located about five miles south of the Biltmore Hotel. Travel south on Main street and its continuation, Far Hills Avenue; turn right into West Stroop Road, proceeding for about 1-1/2 miles. Clubhouse is on the south side of West Stroop Road, set back somewhat from the road.

I have accepted this invitation on behalf of all Parade personnel, knowing that all of us will want to be there. If, for any reason, any member of the Parade organization feels that he cannot attend, I would appreciate his seeing me personally before noon Monday.

John E. Ryan

Paul Garrett hand wrote comments on this letter. It reads:

Dear Sirs,

Last night we drive to Dayton to see the "Parade of Progress." I want to thank you for making it possible for us to get a better understanding of how so many things work and of how our America is going forward.

After viewing "America Crossroads" several times we finally dragged our protesting children to another exhibit. The reason we got to leave the tent after "only" seeing the show twice was that it closed.

I want your company to know we really appreciate this wonderful show and the amazing fact that when it is expensive for a family of five to see something worth their time and money this interesting and educational exhibition was free.

Mrs. George J. Witenko,
2029 Elmwood Ave.
Springfield, Ohio

If you have any additional information about the history or whereabouts of additional Futurliners, we would like to hear from you. Our objective is to capture as much of the history of these vehicles as possible.

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