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Oral Roberts Cathedral Cruiser

    Demonstrations and lectures were a big part of the Parade of Progress. While the Futurliners hosted most of the major displays, demonstrations and lectures were also conducted on various other subjects in Aer-O-Dome tent.
    The stage show presentation focused on the marvels of science and how they would affect our lives in the future. The demonstration incorporated a model jet plane that would streak across the stage in a fraction of a second depicting the speed at which we would travel.
    Chemicals were poured into a pop bottle and 90 seconds later would jump out as synthetic rubber. In yet another foretelling of the future a small "rocket shop" would take to the heavens, depicting the yet unknown of scientific research in outer space.

    There was no explanation with this picture but the demonstration was sure popular with the nurses and in many cases the lecturers were the center of attraction for the single ladies. The 60 plus men working on the Parade were required to be single and college graduates.

    In many accounts from the men who worked on the Parade of Progress they speak of this time in their life as one of the most important. Speaking in front of people gave them experience and confidence that carried them forward in successful careers. 

This demonstration was not identified.

If you have any additional information about the history or whereabouts of additional Futurliners, we would like to hear from you. Our objective is to capture as much of the history of these vehicles as possible.

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