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June 27, 1953 Newspaper clipping with Jack Burns explaining to high school student Linda Peterson, how to cook an egg in a hot pan over a cold stove.

Action of Molecules
Cooks Food but
Leaves Stove Cold

    A coal stove is an old story but have you ever seen a cold stove which prepares hot food? Hundreds of local women have been amazed by just such a performance the last three days in the big tent housing part of the Parade of Progress in Hanes Park.
    In the demonstration an egg is fried atop the stove which remains cold to the touch, so cold that a paper cup of ice cream on top the stove stays firmly frozen.
    Electricity is the power in the cold stove but instead of heating units as it does in the average stove, it merely puts molecules in an uproar. These molecules bang against each other with such tremendous force that they cause the pan on top the stove to become hot enough for cooking.
    In only one minute after the switch is thrown, the pan is hot enough to cook an egg.
    Women who have seen the demonstration are hoping the stove will be ready for sale by next summer's hot weather. Chances are that it will not, according to the scientists traveling with the show. It may never be a part of everyday household equipment.
    Actually, the process which keeps the stove cold while the pan gets hot is about 15 years old. It has been used in industry in various ways but has not yet been adapted for home use.
    The reason is that the process uses a tremendous amount of electricity compared to that used in an average stove. That means that the stove would be impractical for home use at the present time but engineers are continuing their research on it.
    It is thoroughly conceivable that the stove found in the home of the future will remain cold as it cooks hot food. The adjustment to the cold stove will be simple but what expression will women used to saying to their husbands "I've been standing over a hot stove slaving all day long," -- use?

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