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    October 2007 we received this photo of the Peter Pan Futurliner from Pedro. He took it at the Big E, (Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, MA.) It appears that they have repainted their Futurliner in the original colors. Don Mayton remarks that they have ordered the castings for all the letters on the sides as well as the front. He also points out that there are still lots of differences from the original as they did some modernization on their Futurliner like the driveline (engine and transmission).
    Below and on subsequent web pages you can read about their restoration effort. Again, they are to be commended for restoring a rare piece of history.

The Peter Pan Bus Company of Springfield, Massachusetts completed restoration of their Futurliner in the summer of 2000. Congratulations to Bill Sinico on an outstanding restoration job and to Peter Picknelly for his vision, financial funds, and the resources to get it done. And finally, congratulations to everyone who worked on the Futurliner. The results are outstanding and the vehicle can be appreciated for years to come for the historical role that it played.

The Futurliner will be used for promotional and display purposes.

Work crew posses for a photo shoot of their completed project. Note the functional light bar above the display area. Due to the large bundle of wires that would be required to place the fluorescence ballast remotely from the lighting fixtures the ballast was mounted inside the light bar.

Due to the structural weakness of the roof it is reinforced with an arch support. Unless you are looking for the support you cannot see it due to the way they have it blended into the interior of the roof area. The new 16' upper and lower display side doors were constructed out of aluminum.

Workers put finishing touches on the Futurliner. The braking system is a modern safety system they designed similar to what is used on school buses.

View of the rear access doors.

If you have any additional information about the history or whereabouts of additional Futurliners, we would like to hear from you. Our objective is to capture as much of the history of these vehicles as possible.

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