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This photo shows a set of windows that were added to the doors in the Futurliner. Our restoration team has had problems with door-sag on the top portion when these doors are opened. One would think that by cutting windows into the doors it would further compromise their rigidity and making them even more susceptible to sagging. We can only speculate that they must have reinforced the doors somehow in order to accomplish this. As you can see from subsequent photos below, there doesn't appear to be any sag in the open top portion of the door. 

The Futurliner served as a excellent traveling stage for remote areas. The only drawback might have been the noise from the running engine in order to generate electrical power for the PA system and for lights at night.

This close up shows how the bottom section of the door served as a platform and how it was supported with adjustable support stands.

This close up shows how the inside of the door was finished off. There doesn't seem to be any discernable sag in the open door.

Another view of the Futurliner set up for services. Note that in some photos the doors on both sides are open and in others, only one side. The Futurliner proved to be a very versatile vehicle for remote locations.

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