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The following article was written by Don Spiers for the Abundant Life magazine.

With their machetes they cut out A Road for the Gospel

By Don Spiers

    We struggled to maneuver the great Cathedral Cruiser around the endless hairpin turns and over the narrow bridges that lead to the little village of Santa Juana, Mexico. About 1,000 souls live in this little town some 15 miles off the main highway. We had delayed our coming to Santa Juana because recent heavy rains had made it almost impossible to reach the village. Suddenly, within four miles of the village, we saw that the rains had left a huge mudhole in the approach to a little wooden bridge.
    Dismayed, we sent word to the village, telling the people we would not be able to come until the weather was better. Then we turned the Cruiser around and started to our next meeting. We had not gone far when a group of men on horses and bicycles caught up with us. They begged us to go back and try to cross the mudhole. We told them it was impossible. Then they pulled out their machetes and began to hack a road through the underbrush to permit us to bypass the mudhole. So great was the desire of these men to get us through to their village that some had tears in their eyes as they battled through the thicket.
    This scene touch us deeply. The Cruiser was not bringing medical supplies, doctors, nurses or food, but the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the complete gospel which would save their souls, heal their sick bodies and feed their hungry hearts.
    It began to get dark, so we called off the work and told the men we would return the following day. When we returned early the next morning, the men had already cleared a wise, new avenue for us and we easily reached Santa Juana. Although it was still morning, there was a group of about 50 people present who insisted that we hold a service right then and there.
    This is just one example of the reception and hunger of the Mexican people for the good news the Vida Abundante Cathedral Cruiser brings.

    They had brought several sick persons. Being led along in the distance at the rear of the crowd was a young man who was demon possessed. As he approached us, he was thrown down in a violent fit and could scarcely be carried by several men. When we prayed for him in the midday service, he was delivered by the mighty power of God, just as "Legion" had been delivered in the Bible. When you are confronted with the pitiful needs of the people in the mission field, you become poignantly aware of your duty to present to them a powerful god. None other will do.
    That evening almost the entire population turned out for the service. The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit rested heavily upon the meeting. The people eagerly watched on of the films showing Oral Roberts conducting a crusade service and preaching to them, not in English, but in their own Spanish language.
    One woman brought her son to be prayed for. It looked as if death was upon the boy. His body was cold and lifeless and his eyes were covered with a thin, white film. However, I detected a heartbeat and breathing. In answer to prayer, he was completely healed. The following night the mother brought the child back to service, in perfect health. She testified of her great gratitude to God for healing her son. The youth who had been delivered from demon possession also faithfully attended the remaining services.
    The minister for a neighboring village, who works with these people, reports now that any meeting place he can find is immediately filled to overflowing and that he is urgently trying to build a large shelter to handle the huge crowds.
    We started for Llera, 40 tortuous miles away. Although we reached this community late in the afternoon, we were able to located the mayor and receive permission to hold a meeting. Usually, the two consecrated, faithful Mexican nationals who work with me, Arturo Gutierrez and Jorge Galvan, go ahead of the Cruiser to get official permission to hold services. They organize the Christians of the village and announce the coming meeting. They are invaluable in the services as they also pray for the sick and counsel with the people. But this time no advance work had been done.
    Just the same, we set up on the public square. We opened the sides of the Cruiser which make the pulpit and platform on wheels. As the big floodlights were raised to give us light, the people started surging toward the Cruiser to see what this strange sight was. Soon we were surrounded by a great crowd of Mexican men, women, boys and girls. Then we began to life our voice in song. Even thought it was cold, God gave us a powerful service with many conversions. As they came forward for salvation, tears were streaming down their faces.
    Among the healing evidenced was that of an elderly woman who was almost 90 years old. She had been totally blind in both eyes for some time. After prayer, she cried out, "I see the bus!" meaning the Cruiser.
    After dealing extensively with the authorities in Ciudad Victoria, we were able to secure permission to hold meetings in this capital city of the State of Tampaulipas. The city has a population of 50,000. It is quite spread out and there is no public transportation at night. In spite of these handicaps, the Lord gave us wonderful services.
    One of the wealthiest and most influential women of the city was sick in bed in a house across the street from where we were holding the meeting. Hearing the messages, she sent for us to come and pray for her. The following night she was present in the service and testified to her healing.
    A mother who had brought her little daughter to have her appendix removed in the hospital in Victoria testified that the child was healed after prayer. She followed us thirty miles to our next meeting to testify of the healing.
    Much was accomplished for the kingdom of God when we visited the sugar-cane city of Xicotencatl. The pastor who was with us in the meetings there reports that many new souls are in his services as a result of the meeting. He says there is much "joy and shouting" among the people as they tell how God blest them.
    The Cathedral Cruiser is well equipped and has comfortable, modern living quarters in the rear. So we are always at home. One night we had parked the Cruiser beside the road for the night. I heard a knock at the door. Being deep in the interior of Mexico, and at night, I was a little hesitant to open the door to strangers. However, when I did open it, a Mexican woman stood there. She had one hand hidden behind her back. I did not know whether she had a weapon in her hand to kill me or what.
    Cautiously, I said, "This is not a bus. Im sorry, but you cannot ride."
    She replied, "Yes, I know this not a bus. I have heard who you are. I have come for you to pray for me. I am very sick."
    We gladly prayed for the woman and she apparently received help. A smile broke upon her face and she said she felt better. As I watched her disappear into the Mexican night, her steps seemed lighter, her shoulders straighter. She was overjoyed that the Vida Abundante Cruiser had passed her way.
    These represent a few of the many similar incidents that took place on the six-month trip of the Cathedral Cruiser as it toured from village to village in Old Mexico, taking the message of Christ and his power to save.
    In these short months, at least 70,000 people attended the more than 100 evangelistic meetings which we held. They saw the Oral Roberts Spanish films and heard the message that God is a good God, that he is all-powerful and able to save their souls and heal their bodies. There were 6,496 decisions for Christ.
    The people were not left with empty hands. We distributed over one and a half million pieces of attractively prepared, Spanish gospel literature. The people were hungry for the reading material, and the demand for it was great. The pamphlets, tracts and magazines were distributed in the meetings as well as throughout the villages and cities through which we passed.
    The past six months have been victorious ones for the Cruiser and its team. Had it not passed their way, thousands of souls would still be wandering in the darkness of sin, never heaving heard the message of salvation. Many sick and suffering would still be carrying their afflictions. Maybe some would have already passed into eternity.
    Everywhere we went the people begged us to stay longer and to return. Through the grace of God, the Cruiser, with its abundant life message, will pass the way of thousands of other hungry souls who are still waiting and longing to hear the wonderful words of life.

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