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Oral Roberts Indian Crusade 

The caption reads: "JOHN MARSH is my name. I came many miles to be in the Anadarko Indian Crusade. I led 16 cars from Colorado. My people needed God."





These pictures were taken at Anadarko, Oklahoma and was billed as an "All-Indian Crusade". A Futurliner, converted into what Oral Roberts dubbed as the Cathedral Cruiser, was the platform for preaching. In the photo below, due to I believe the large crowd on the side of a hill, the pulpit was actually moved out from under the doors and onto the ground in front of the platform. 

Below: Oral Roberts holds a baby. The caption reads: "... He held this little papoose in his arms and asked God to make it well. The parents believe and the child was healed.

Below: another angle showing the large crowd of Indians on the steep hillside that came to hear the message.

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