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The following was received from former Parader Jim Morris of Savannah, GA.

    "Enclosed is a check for $100 to modestly assist the Futurliner restoration project. I applaud the efforts you and others are putting forth, fully realizing that I have been tardy in joining the party. However, I sent a great deal of material to another person who was collecting information the Parade a few years ago. Having heard nothing from him since, I can only assume it has all disappeared. I wanted to wait until I was comfortable that your product was going to go forward before I jumped above the bandwagon.
    Let me give you a little background on my Parade experience: I was working for Allison Division of GM as an inspector in the Allison jet engine plant in Indianapolis when I was picked to be the lecturer on the jet engine display. I supervised the installation of the cut-away Allison jet engine in Futurliner #4 (as I recall). Neil Redmond was also hired by Allison as a lecturer and he and I drove the Futurliner to Detroit to join the rest of the group in the fall of ’53. After a few months on the road, I became assistant chief lecturer and later was promoted to chief lecturer, then operations manager and finally advanced representative. In these various positions, I was one of the few people who were with the Parade from the beginning in the Fall of ’53 to the end in the late summer of ’56.
    Since retiring from GM in early ’87, Jean and I have promoted two reunions of POPers. We are considering putting together another get-together when and if your project gets far enough along that we would have some reason to assemble in Auburn. Such a reunion might be a peg for publicizing your project, properly promoted, it might warrant some national publicity. At the very least, GM should give it some ink in its retiree publication, but I would aim for more widespread attention.
    As I mentioned earlier, most of the good stuff that I had on the Parade has disappeared. However, I still have hundreds of slides that I haven’t looked at for years. If you’re interested, please let me know. I might have a few other bits stored away that could be useful."

Allison J-35 Jet Engine
This is Futurliner #4 with the Allison J-35 jet engine on display. Charles Reyes (second from left) is the uniformed lecturer.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Upon entering a city, we typically parade our vehicles through the main part of the city with banners on the sides of some of the Futurliners advertising the show.

Bristol, Connecticut
This photo was taken in Bristol, Connecticut. I don't remember where the old car came from.

Orlando, Florida
This was taken in Orlando, Florida. This was Futurliner #1 and this display it carried was called "Miracles of Heat and Cold."

I can't positively identify the lecturer, but I would guess it was "Frosty" Sutman.

Detroit Diesel Generator
This was a Detroit Diesel generator that provided all the power for the exhibits and was also a display in itself.

Driving Through Alabama
Driving through Alabama, the vehicles pull over for a rest break.

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