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I apologize for these pictures. I was unable to obtain the originals so these are photocopies of photographs.

Erecting the Aer-o-DomeErecting the tent was no small task and it was very physical and dangerous as well. Using cranes, ropes, pulleys and brute strength, the tent is erected within a day.

To erect the tent, everything was bolted together except one end of each girt and its corresponding girder, forming the jointed tent ridge. This was a final manual operation after the remainder of the framework had been raised.

More than 25,000 spot welds were required to make the frame. To raise the frame a truck is used to pull the cable, that raised the framework of the tent into position. Sections of the tent material are hand laced together. The tent fabric is snapped to wires which are run through pulleys in the rigging of the frame. The huge silver covering was then pulled into position.

Laying Out The Materials
Framing material laid out on the ground in preparation for assembly.

Erecting Girders
A truck outfitted with an extended boom lifts one of the girders in place.

Framework Begins
Framework for the Aer-o-Dome begins to take shape.

Ropes are Hung
Ropes are being slung in preparation for pulling the tent material up against the girders.

Tent Material is Ready
The tent material is laid on the ground under the framework in preparation for being lifted.

Tent Material is Pulled Up
The tent material has begun to be lifted. This process was done entirely by hand.

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