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You will find comfortable seats for 500 people at one time. The gleaming metal finish of this great sixty by eighty foot tent shuts out light and enables motion pictures to be shown in the daytime. By all means, see the feature picture, "Progress on Parade," the story of industrial advancement, told by Edwin C. Hill, Lowell Thomas, John S. Young, and John B. Kennedy.

Here also you will see modern marvels of science -- liquid light -- music on a light beam -- how a voice looks in sound waves -- water boiling, an egg frying on a cold stove -- frozen motion -- the magic eye -- and other scientific phenomena which modern industry puts to work in the solution of its problems that it may better serve you.

    It's really fun to keep your own little house these days, if you have such an inviting little kitchen as that set up in the "Parade of Progress."
    Stainless steel -- clean and bright and decorative. Stove, sink and table -- all modern -- spotless and sparkling. Built-in cupboards and closets -- one for the Delco vacuum cleaner and Delco electric iron and ironing board -- all lessening the housekeeper's toil. Concealed forced ventilation. A Frigidaire, of course, within easy reach. Walls of French gray, brown and soft yellow. Brown linoleum, inlaid with yellow, on the floor.
    Poor Mother, as you'll see in space adjoining, had nothing like that at the turn of the century. She, dear soul, had to put up with a coal stove, an old ice box, a cast iron sink, and an oil lamp. Housework then was a chore indeed. Research and science had not yet been put to work in industry. They needed the resources of large public minded institutions. So modern industry takes its place in the march of progress among the great benefactors of womankind.

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